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Fiber technology is used in more and more laser systems, like fiber lasers, fiber coupled diode lasers, etc. Sometimes, all-fiber setups are robustness. While, a bulk-optical setup is often more convenient during development, testing and maintenance, as one can more easily remove or replace components and access beams e.g., in order to measure their powers or beam profiles.

When optics and fiber technologies are used in mixed forms, we expect to obtain advangages of both technologies, that is, saving on opto-mechanical parts while getting the higher flexibility in development, testing and maintenance. 

We provide a variety of fiber optics components including fiber collimators, fiber couplers and fiber focusers for supporting your more optimized systems. 

Fiber Collimator CMA-1 small.jpg Fiber Collimator-CMT-2 small.jpg Fiber collimator-CMM-2 small.jpg

Fiber coupler-CPA-2 small.jpg FS-1 small.jpg 

For more product information, please find

Aspheric fiber collimator-CMA series

Triplet fiber collimator-CMT series

Multi-mode fiber collimator- CMM series

Laser to fiber coupler- CPA series

Fiber Focuser- FSM series

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