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Flow cytometry is a lab test used to analyze characteristics of cells or particles. During the process, a sample of cells or particles is suspended in fluid and injected into a flow cytometer machine. Approximately 10,000 cells can be analyzed and processed by a computer in less than one minute.

Flow cytometers utilize lasers as light sources to produce both scattered and fluorescent light signals that are read by detectors such as photodiodes or photomultiplier tubes. These signals are converted into electronic signals that are analyzed by a computer and written to a standardized format (.fcs) data file. Cell populations can be analyzed and/or purified based on their fluorescent or light scattering characteristics.

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool that has applications in immunology, molecular biology, bacteriology, virology, cancer biology and infectious disease monitoring. It has seen dramatic advances over the last 30 years, allowing unprecedented detail in studies of the immune system and other areas of cell biology.

4in1 Photonics provides a variety of laser light sources with different wavelengths range from ultraviolet to near infrared and variable range of power levels for flow cytometry application.

Free space laser module for flow cytometry.jpgFree space laser module for flow cytometry.jpg

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375nm free space laser module

405nm free space laser module

488nm free space laser module

532nm free space laser module

561nm free space laser module

638nm free space laser module

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