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532&660nm Laser Module

The 532&660nm fiber-coupling laser module integrates 532nm and 660nm wavelengths lasers, and comprises individual driving, control electronics, and digital communications. The module provide up to 400mW per wavelength output power with a rectangular multimode fiber pigtail.


The Multi-λ is a series of highly integrated modules comprised of up to four wavelengths lasers, individual driving, control and stability electronics, and a multi-mode fiber pigtail. Custom OEM configurations are available and include wavelength options ranging from 405nm to 980nm, various power levels, fiber types and fiber connectors. We can co-engineer custom interfaces (with your engineering team) to match your system control, monitoring and operational requirements.


n  Up to four individual laser wavelengths

n  Round or rectangular beam output

n  Uniform beam and low speckle

n  High power stability

n  Integrated control circuit

n  Digital communication


n   Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

n   Super-resolution confocal

n   Fluorescence Excitation

n   Medical Imaging