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638nm Free Space Laser Module

The 638nm free space laser module is a stand alone laser module with integrated driver electronics, control circuitry and digital communications. The compact, single wavelength, laser source features ultra low noise, high power stability and compact structure.


LM638FS-170 is a 638nm, CW, free space laser module with power up to 170mW. It’s intended for stand-alone use in laboratory environments or integration as OEM components in instruments for applications including flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, hematology analysis, Immunofluorescence analyzer and medical imaging.


n   Ultra-low noise

n   High power stability

n   Compact structure

n   Integrated control circuit

n   Digital communication


n   Flow cytometer

n   Genome Sequencing

n   Hematology Analyzer

n   Immunofluorescence analyzer

n   Medical imaging

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