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A rough diamond looks like any transparent crystal or even a piece of broken glass. When cut as a faceted gemstone, however, it becomes a sparkling, shimmering object that is unique in appearance. As the hardest known substance (10 on the Mohs scale), diamond is also one of the most difficult gem materials to facet. The cutting process of diamonds critically determines the grades and price of diamonds available. The precision in cutting and polishing gives these gems the ability to reflect and refract light and makes every piece of diamond unique. 

The revolution in diamond cutting started less than two decades ago. With such advances as laser-based tools and equipment for marking, sawing, kerfing, bruting etc., diamond manufacturers can obtain better-quality diamonds, with a higher yield per stone, in a more productive operation.

Our DPSS laser gain modules are used for IR laser and green laser machines that offers high power, high beam quality and stability, and support customers to deliver better cutting performance.

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