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Composite laser crystals (sometimes called hybrid laser crystals) are laser crystals which have been fabricated by combining different materials.In recent years, composite crystals formed by bonding dissimilar crystals has been suggested in order to create new laser functions, and excellent performance has been confirmed. Generally, precisely-polished crystals are contacted with (or without) adhesives and then heat-treated at a high temperature to produce diffusion-bonded composite crystals. The composite laser crystals have been already confirmed that composite laser gain media give superior laser performance than their monolithic counterparts.

Composite laser crystals are highly versatile and can be tailored to meet specific application requirements. they can exhibit a wide range of optical, thermal, and mechanical properties. This versatility allows for the customization of laser systems for different applications, enabling greater flexibility and adaptability. Our composite laser crystals have been successfully used in 1535nm eye safe laser rangers, high power ultrashort pulse laser amplifiers, temperature insensitive highly efficient Q-switch lasers etc. 

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4in1 Photonics provides a variety of cutting-edge and innovative composite crystal produces for developing your new solid-state lasers.

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